Learn Blockchain

We have divided the blockchain course into 2 parts – each of 15 hours. So you can signup with just the first part if you want to be an ‘end user’ on blockchain, or both the parts if you want to be a ‘programmer’ on blockchain.

Part I. Blockchain Basics

For non-programmers & programmers

Being an ‘end user’ on blockchain is not easy. This course starts with basic introduction on what blockchain offers for your business and work. Why blockchain is built the way it is, Hands-on demo using existing blockchain applications, How to not get yourself into trouble while working with wallets on blockchain. & more.. 

Part II. Blockchain Programming

For programmers

Assuming you already have covered everything in Part I of this course – you are now ready to write some smart contracts which basically help you publish Decentralized Applications on blockchain networks. You learn how to code, and deploy them in production environment. A ‘hands on’ walk through how to write programs for Ethereum and for Hyperledger

Contents covered in Part I and II of Blockchain Course

Scope of this course

Atleast these 5 people participate in any blockchain project. Namely :

  1. End users
    who may use the blockchain project in their day to day life

  2. Application Developers
    who write blockchain friendly software (also known as smart contract).

  3. Company
    who hires Application Developers to write blockchain friendly code for their app.

  4. Miners
    who provides “hosting & executing” for the code written by Application Developers.

  5. Protocol Developers
    who create tools for Miners and Blockchain Developers. So that miners & app developers can work harmoniously without even knowing each other!

So either this course could have tried to teach you to become all these 5 kinds of people. Or it can be an ‘easy but practical course’ that you are glad you joined because it gave you some practical knowledge that you actually use in your daily life. Objective of this course is to make you into a competent Blockchain end user. And then a ‘hands on’ Decentralized App Developer. We will touch topics related to Mining and Protocol Development – but not hands on. That would require a whole different course you may want to follow AFTER this course is complete (and first you have spent few weeks being end user or app developer).

Finally – this course makes use of Ethereum and Hyperledger. Lets get started.. Lets first turn you into an end user..